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A unique quality of Tibetan Yoga in the tradition of Maha-Siddha is the use
of meditation belts, or “Gomthak”. (Gom = Meditation and Thak = to heal).

The effects of yoga are immediate:
relaxation and well-being.

Their benefits permeate your daily life,
developing your creativity and
enrich your relations with others.

"“To be is one thing, to do is another.
If someone practices yoga as a simple
physical exercise, the mind will not be
transformed at all. It is only when we no
longer make an effort that we are on the
road to the infinite.”
Ma Anandamayi

  Scène de yoga avec Gomthak
Posture de yoga
This type of yoga procures surprising relaxation,
physical as well as mental and emotional !
At the suggestion of Dudjom Rimpoché and Arnaud
Desjardins, the School for Yoga & Tradition was
created in Grenoble in 1975.