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“The way of the mind is only one way in the sense that it transforms the body.” Karlfried Gräf Dürckeim.

The exercises integrate positions with supports that
facilitate relaxation, massages, respiratory as well as
rhythmic exercises, subtle breathing practices
on sound..
When your body and your mind function
in harmony, you can have a more
balanced and dynamic life.
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The program of the courses unfolds in several teaching cycles in
Logo Institut order to shed light on (illuminate) the multiple facets that form
the richness of Hindu and Tibetan spirituality.

This program takes into consideration the progression of each.
It is possible to start at any time of the year.
  • Tibetan Yoga : work with straps (gom-thak), especially
    adapted to problems of the back (dorsal tensions).
  • Seeking one’s own rhythm with musical support.
  • Hindu and Tibetan meditation.
  • Traditional thaï massage
  • Introduction to sophrology.
  • Training.
Group sessions are limited to 10 individuals