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Previous “traumatisms” due to emotional
shocks of childhood are imprinted
physically and psychically.
These traumatisms can be ignored,
transformed, even totally suppressed
by the subconscious.

Rebirthing allows access to the origin of these traumas in a conscious manner,
so to better face them and to no longer
live them as constraints or sources of
amplification to daily stress.

Rebirthing is a natural method, powerful but not shocking, modern
and at the same time taking root in very ancient traditions.
Emotional and physical shocks are the origins of our malaise (discomfort),
even more so than stress itself. They deplete a great part of our energy.
The simple act of liberating the body of the traces of this trauma, permits
us to use our energy towards a more creative end. Rebirthing has an action
particularly effective for functional problems. As soon as the connection is
made between the conscious and the subconscious, the effect of freedom
is immediate and permanent.
Daniel TELMONT, Professor of Yoga and Psychotherapist, has used the Rebirthing method for more than twenty years
His many sojourns in India has sensitised him to this tradition.
He takes care to always have an individualist approach