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Breath and mind are connected

After several sojourns in India for a
period of two years and having met
the Tibetan masters, Daniel Telmont
had the intuition of adapting the
meditation belts (Gom-Thak in Tibetan)
to yoga positions.

This type of Tibetan Yoga which makes
use of Gom-Thak is an integral part of
the Maha-Siddhas tradition.

This type of yoga powerfully
facilitates physical, mental
and emotional repose.
His Holiness and Sakya Trizin
“When I returned to India, I demonstrated
the positions that I had adapted with
Gom-Thak to His Holiness Sakya Trizin
His Holiness the fourteenth
Dalai-Lama accompanied by His
Holiness Sakya Trizin, spiritual
leader of the SAKYAPA school
of Tibetan Buddhism

who told me that this type of yoga came from the tradition of Maha Siddha.
Under the counsel of Sakya Trizin, I had these postures authenticated by
Kongtrul Rimpoché, another very great Tibetan yogi, who affirmed that my
application of these postures were correct."